Webcasting in Washington DC

We spend at least a week every month in webcasting in Washington DC producing live webcasts and webinars for a number of clients. We rack up some serious frequent flyer miles and have packing for a live webcast down to a fine art..

We have full time webcasting technicians and Video Production staff in DC that work for us but we haven’t had an office, until now. We’re flying out this week to inspect some space to set up our Washington DC live webcasting flypacks and HD video production gear permanently.

Our 2500 sq. ft video studio here in our California Bay Area studio is busy constantly.

Here’s a shot of a recent UPS Production and webcast.

UPS webcast at ICV

UPS webcast at ICV

One of our clients in Washington DC is already in pre-production on an e-learning webinar series that we’ll produce over the next two months. We have 4 webcasts scheduled in Washington DC in March already. starting with the Pay for Performance healthcare policy conference webcast March 2-4th and ending march at the Population Health Colloquium March 22-24th.

ICV has been webcasting in Washington DC since 1999. Learn more here:


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